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The North West Junior Soccer Association Inc. runs a program designed for children from as young as six years of age through to senior primary school students enabling them to learn about the sport of soccer. The program is designed for maximum enjoyment for all ages, the emphasis on fun and participation. The association is a non-competitive organization until the students reach their senior primary school years.


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Season Start!

Say hello to our new canteen people at West Lakes (Ron & Rosemary retired after nearly 30 years of service)
St Clair will not have a canteen for the first week due to issues sharing the venue with a local club, hopefully this can be resolved and the canteen will be up and running during the second week. Say hello to the new people in canteen when its up and running.
Please do not buy products from other operators, support NWJSA canteens. The more you support NWJSA the more we can control the cost of participation. We only charge each player $20 for the whole season – please help us cover costs.

Games on Barratt Reserve, West Beach for seniors and under 12 games being played on Pitch 1 have been shifted closer to Military Road. Don’t panick its walking distance. Arrive early and an Official will guide you. Next weeks games will be back on Pitch 1.

Place rubbish in the bins. Park legally, and be conscious of local residents access to their properties.

Respect the referees & opposition and have a great day.




Click Here for Sugar Free Sports Fact Sheet for coaches, players and referees.

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There are no upcoming events at this time.