Child Safe


Child Safe Environment Requirements

The North West Junior Soccer Association stipulates that any person that holds a Prescribed Position, as outlined below, involving a person 17 years of age or under must complete a criminal history assessment which includes a police check. No person shall be appointed to a Prescribed Position unless their suitability is assessed and approved.

The exemption to undertaking a criminal history assessment is also outlined below:

* A prescribed position is:

All people who have regular contact with children or regular work in close proximity to children and are not directly supervised.

Manage or supervise such personnel.

Have access to records in relation to children that are prescribed by regulation (child protection services, education services, health services, disability services, court orders, and proceedings).

** Exemptions:

A person who volunteers who is less than 18 years of age

A person working or volunteering for a short-term event or activity of less than 10 days duration or for no more than 1 day in a month

A person occupying a position in which all work involving children in undertaken in the presence of the child’s parents or guardians and in which there is ordinarily no physical contact with the children

A person who undertakes, or a position that only involves, work that is not for the exclusive benefit of children and is not provided to any child on an individual basis

A person who is a police officer or a registered teacher.